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Lingutech Gives Two Different Options to Their Clients for Their Translation Needs

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Contact with Lingutech Project Managers to discuss about your project details including budget

Contact Translator Directly

If project terms are determined, contact with Lingutech Translator to save time!

Specialized Translators for Specialized Subjects!

Some languages are needed more than other languages depending upon the content. When it's desired to find translator on specialism, you may use our Find Translator Form to
- Find Technical Translator
- Find Literary Translator
- Find Certified Translator
- Find Patent Translator
- Find Medical Translator
- Find Marketing Translator
or more. If project details are not set, you may contact with our project managers to find what suits you best.

Native Translators for Most Demanded Languages!

As a matter of ISO quality standarts, Lingutech only work with native translators in target language. Lingutech is working more than 250 languages but you may use our Find Translator form to find translators for most demanded language pairs
- Find English Translator
- Find German Translator ( - Finden Sie einen deutschen Übersetzer)
- Find French Translator ( - Trouver un traducteur français)
- Find Italian Translator ( - Trova traduttore italiano)
- Find Japanese Translator ( - -日本語の翻訳者を探す)
- Find Chinese Translator ( -查找中文翻译)
- Find Spanish Translator ( -Buscar traductor español )
- Find Arabic Translator ( -- البحث عن مترجم عربي)
- Find Korean Translator (-한국어 번역기 찾기)
- Find Russian Translator (- найти русский переводчик)