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Lingutech's Legal Divison help law firms to grow their business with linguistic assistance. Legal services include written and oral legal translation.

Legal Linguistic Services

Professional Legal Translation Services

Legal texts are texts that are quite different in style and have quite rich content in terms of terms. Since the studies in these areas directly affect the rights and freedoms of individuals and companies, they should be carried out with zero error.

We provide professional legal translation services with our staff consisting of lawyers and translators who have legal education and who have full knowledge of international and our country's legal rules.

You can always reach us for legal problems you encounter anywhere in the world or for the obligations you have to fulfill.

Since the day we were established in legal translations, we have translated thousands of case files, minutes, statements, statements, documents and documents.

You can reach us at any time via our live support line, mail, telephone or even Whatsapp to get help from translators who have a good command of legal terminology.

Notary Sworn Translation

Since translation requests received in the legal field are generally submitted to official institutions, they must be notarized and stamped in order to be considered valid in accepting channels.

As Lingutech, we provide notarized sworn translation services. Thanks to our central location, we can act in the fastest way in notary transactions. At the same time, we can also apply the apostille procedures required for international validity.

You can have legal texts valid all over the world with our fully certified and notarized sworn translators.

We provide notary sworn translations all over the world. You can reach us at any time and request an offer.

Importance of Legal Translation

Legal translations require more attention and care compared to other translations. Translations must be carried out by a translator who has a good command of the legal language. Otherwise, irreversible problems may occur.

Lingutech provides you the most reliable and accurate legal translation service with its staff of expert translators. With our experienced translators, we carefully translate various contracts, legal correspondence, laws, regulations, power of attorneys, contracts, commitments, consents and other legal texts. Our expert staff in legal translations guarantees to offer you the best solution.

What is Legal Translation, Why Is It Needed?

Legal translation is done not only for court documents, but also for documents such as statutes and contracts. With notarized legal translation services, you can easily prove that your legal documents have been translated in accordance with the original. It is necessary for legal proceedings to be performed properly in court cases, contracts, business and marriage agreements, translation documents. For example, if you do not have sufficient language proficiency in a business deal, getting professional support helps make the document understandable to both parties. For official institutions to fully express themselves, official screen translation is one of the most important services. This type of professional translation may be needed for privacy policies, protection of personal information, etc.

Legal Translation / Points to Consider While Translating

Legal translation is very important for the parties to understand each other correctly and that there is no mistake in the statements and agreements made in the national and international arena. For this reason, it is necessary to get help from a translator who is fully competent in the branch of law, where the translation is made by taking professional legal translation services. You can even make your translation service much more reliable by gaining official credibility and validity with notarized legal translation. As Istanbul legal translation office, it takes care to be faithful to the essence of the source and to make a complete translation by paying attention to grammar rules.

What Kind of Legal Documents Or Texts Are Translated?

Among the translations of legal documents and texts included in legal translation services, apart from the documents mentioned above:

  • Execution documents
  • Business agreements and contracts
  • Rental contracts
  • Power of attorney translations
  • Litigation petitions
  • Employment contracts and agreements
  • Foreign judicial decisions
  • Contract documents
  • Defendant and witness statements.
  • Intellectual property documents

Within the scope of the services we provide as a legal translation agency, our lawyers who have a special expertise in every subject translate. The reason for this is that law is a very wide field and every lawyer has a separate field of expertise. For this reason, the translation is carried out in line with the expertise of the person who will translate, and time loss is prevented.

What is The Price Vary in Legal Translation?

The type of translation to be made is effective when determining the price in the field of legal translation. Since translation of a document that is many pages long will take longer time,

The cost for professional legal translation will be slightly different. As Lingutech, it offers you figures that maintain the market standard. If a notarized translation is requested, in this case, the fee covers two different stages: the translation fee and the notary fee. Apart from the translation fee in the legal field, the fee to be paid to the notary refers to a separate figure. You can contact us now for the professional translation services you need, and get help from your consultant to decide the type of service you want.

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