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Academic articles, publications, theses, research assignments, scientific publications have a unique value in themselves and are prepared in a style different from the preparation of a normal document. There are many different technical terms in the academic documents prepared. In addition, academic studies have their own unique types and styles. For this reason, it is necessary to employ translators who are experienced in the relevant field and have academic career backgrounds in order to preserve the originality of the publications and to achieve quality results while translating academic articles. Therefore, Lingutech translators are native specialized academic translators who only work in the academic translation field.

You will be provided with answers on the following questions: What are academic translation services? What are the differences between academic translation services with standard translation services? Are academic translation services being sufficient or editing will be need? Who are eligible to become an academic translator and who are eligible become an academic editor? What are academic editing services and why academic editing services are important?

At Lingutech, most demanding Academic Translation Languages are English Academic Translation Services, German Academic Translation Services, French Academic Translation Services, Korean Academic Translation Services , Japanese Academic Translation Services , Brazilian Academic Translation Services and Korean Academic Translation Services.

The difficulty of translation varies according to the area of ​​the article. No matter how meticulous work the translator does, academic article translation requires a very different expertise. Achieving a reliable result is only possible with an academic translator.

The translation of an article written on fields such as physics or mathematics and an article on literature is not the same. Because information in fields such as physics, chemistry, mathematics, geology is technical, and its validity is the same for the whole world. However, when we consider a text written in the field of literature, we find that it is more complicated and kneaded with speech and figurative language. The transfer of concepts that vary from region to region and from culture to culture in a literary work from one language to another requires different difficulties and knowledge. On the other hand, studies of fields such as physics and chemistry also contain a large number of terms.

In this context, Lingutech  offers Medical Translation Services, Medical Academic Translation Services, Pharmaceutical Translation Services, Pharmaceutical Academic Translation Services and more:

Physics Translation Services and Physics Academic Translation

Chemistry Translation Services and Chemistry Academic Translation

Mathematics Translation Services and Mathematics Academic Translation

Geology Translation Services and Geology Academic Translation

Technical Translation Services and Technical Academic Translation

As well as Translation, Editing and Academic Editing Services hold great importance in Academic Translation Services. For your Editing needs, please click here.

Points to Consider in Academic Translation

The process of preparation of academic articles and preparation of documents is quite arduous and time consuming. A unique work is created by gathering many different sources in a difficult way, by creating research and reports that take hours. Academic translation is needed both during the translation of these works from Turkish to English, from Turkish to French, from Turkish to German and such foreign languages and during the translation of many foreign sources into Turkish like English to Turkish, German to Turkish, French to Turkish.

What should be considered in academic translation, which is one of the most demanded translation types in challenging fields such as medicine, law, communication, physics, mathematics, business, finance?

Academic CV: It is one of the most important factors for the translator to have an academic resume. Because, instead of a normal translator, a translator with an academic career in the field of medicine allows a much more accurate and efficient study. The translator's know-how in that area is essential for the preservation of the authenticity of the document and for a reliable translation.

Terminology and Terms: The work of two different translators who translate the same academic article, who has command of the terminology and terms of the relevant article field, will result in a professional result. Otherwise, many meaning confusion and misunderstandings are inevitable as a result of translation.

Expertise: Another feature that should be sought is the translator's expertise on the target language and his command of language grammar. Even simple grammatical and grammatical mistakes in translation can lead to poor results.

Experience: The translator you would like to take part in your studies should definitely be someone who has done many different academic translations in the same field. This is also one of the steps that will ensure the accuracy of your translations. Our translation agency employs professionals who are experts and experienced in their fields. For example, different experts take part in a study in the field of physics and a study in the field of literature.

Professional Academic Translation Service

Lingutech provide solution-oriented, reliable, and professional translation services in nearly 50 languages. With our expert staff and experience in academic studies, we offer you a fast and coordinated working style. Regardless of the target and source language, your work is completed on the specified date. After the translation process is completed, it is controlled and edited by a native editor. We represent you in your work with our understanding of zero error so that the documents do not lose their originality.

After you start working, you are informed by the project managers and coordinators and you are aware of every stage. We are aware of the precision of your work and provide you with high quality academic translations. We protect the confidentiality of all documents you have worked on for tens of hours, with our encrypted systems. We fulfill all the responsibilities your content deserves with our meticulousness and self-knowledge in academic translation.

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