Localization Services

Our company offers localization services to national and international major brands in more than 50 different official languages ​​with its expert staff.

Lingutech is able to provide localization services in a safe, high quality and fast manner with its experience. Our professional translators can work individually or as a team, depending on the project.

What is Localization?

The process of adapting the characteristics of a region such as language, culture, and grammar is called localization. Localization, which is generally used in digital products, is a frequently needed translation service in the software industry.

What should be taken into consideration in the localization process?

• The message to be conveyed must be clearly and clearly expressed to the readers.

• The counterculture needs to be adapted, considering language, culture, grammar and local differences.

• Culture should not be felt foreign by the reader. That's why you need to have it done by a person who knows the characteristics of that culture.

Mobile Application Localization - Software Localization- Website Localization

The website is a communication panel with your company information on the internet. Due to the recent development of technology in our age, most companies have a website. In addition to the culture of the country where your website is located, some attempts are made to announce your company to other countries and to increase the number of users and increase the number of business. While making this initiative, you first need to get support in areas such as Website localization, Mobile Application Localization and Software Localization. It is the adaptation of the website localization content to ensure the fulfillment of the cultural, linguistic, technical requirements of a specific target audience as well as the relevant legal requirements and planned communication purposes. Only by localizing your website will the process not be over. Nowadays, mobile application localization will also be required, as smartphones and tablets use a lot. With Mobile Application Localization, your business portfolio will increase even more. Therefore, we would like to state that while getting support for website localization processes from Lingutech, you should also get support for Mobile Application Localization and Software Localization.

Our Localization Services

Website Localization

Websites that cater to multiple countries or people using different languages ​​need to have versions in different languages. In such cases, Lingutech  makes Localization so that the websites can address people in the language they want.

Regardless of the field, the first point to be considered when localizing a website is that the texts and titles on a website are selected for search engine optimization in that language. In other words, texts on a website are usually carefully prepared and published to rank high in search engines. In this sense, it would be appropriate to do a short search on the search engine for these words or phrases when changing cultural elements and for related texts or menu titles or link texts, when more than one meaning in the target language meets the translation. Thus, the words prepared in the source language will be equally valuable for search engines after translation and post-translation SEO works will be positively affected. Among the duties of the translator, it is of great importance in terms of the result of the translation and the quality service for the institutions that are in the market with the website, that they know the basic SEO knowledge and terms in localization as well as the people who work in law, medicine and technical fields.

Mobile Application Localization

Mobile applications are software used globally and they need more than one language. Lingutech will be the right choice for the mobile application localization translation services that application manufacturers need, with its experience and infrastructure.

The most important point in mobile application or software localization is that the word length should be considered since the devices with Android or IOS operating system have different screen resolutions. For example, one should not explain a word in the source language with a phrase or a phrase with a word. Because it will bring problems with the screen or space. And it will lead to distortions in design.

Software Localization

Software is generally not written in one language. A software can be used by everyone.

It must be affective. Because the things that make technological devices work correctly are software. Technological devices are not made for people using a single region or language. Lingutech  successfully performs the software localization service needed by software companies.