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Lingutech's team of Legal Translators, provide legal translation services for all languages. Lingutech's legal translation include

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Patent translation services is the most demanded service of Lingutech Translation Inc. Our Patent Translator team are here to help you on all IP-related translation business.

Legal Translation (Patent Translation Service)

Patents are quite important while protecting an invention or upcoming product. With patent applications, any product, design or process will be protected, if the neccessary specifications for it's novelty, applicablity or sustainability is required. Check the EPO website (European Patent Organization) for FAQs.

These countries are EPO member states, therefore, our main patent translation languages include:

Lingutech Translation Inc. have more than 25 partnership in all around the world to make sure the work with native translators or single-language local translation offices to ensure to provide qualified human-translations for IP compaines or Patent Applicants.

IP Translation Services

Along with human-translations, machine translations will also be offered like WIPO, so that Lingutech can deliver patent translationsin in a short turn-arounds and most importantly cost-effective, as Lingutech awares that patent applications to multiple countries are very costly.

Therefore, Lingutech simply offers two sub-services when it comes to IP Translation. %100 human translation and/or MTPE (Machine Translation Post Editing).

We offer more than 32 languages in patent translation services. Most common languages and language combinations in patents listed are:

English to Spanish translation, English to Chinese translation, English to French translation, English to German translation and English to Russian translation.

We also offer: French to Turkish patent translation, English to Turkish patent translation, Spanish to French patent translation and German to Ukranian patent translation.

Accuracy, Expertise and Efficieny are the three most-fundemantal principles of IP translation & legal translation services.

As patent's protection is purely determined by its written scope, the working of description and set of claims holds great importance on IP translations.

Expertise also is quite important as patent language has an uncommon and highy technical context. Native translators and patent experts should work on such documents to ensure it's accuracy.

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