Greek Patent Translation

Greek Patent Translation

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The expression for recording patent application

The patent application in Greece guaranteeing need should be recorded inside a year from the need date. The rebuilding of this term is preposterous.

Least of recording prerequisites

To acquire a date of recording the patent application in Greece should contain at any rate the accompanying:

- application structure;

- portrayal of the development;

- claims on a different piece of paper;

- evidence of installment of the recording charges.


Language for the Greek patent application

Greek Patent Translation

The authority language of the Greek patent application is Greek. The application might be submitted in English, French or German. The interpretation into Greek should be given inside four months from the date of documenting.

Need archive

The affirmed duplicate of the need application and bore witness to interpretation thereof into Greek should be documented inside four months from the date of recording the application.

Force of Attorney necessities

The Power of Attorney isn't needed to be formally sanctioned. It very well might be submitted inside four months from the recording date of an application.

Greek Patent Translation

Task Deed

Task of innovator's privileges sanctioned by Apostille should be given on the off chance that the candidate isn't the designer, inside four months from the recording date.

Extra reports

- affirmed duplicate of a concentrate from the Register of Commerce mirroring the Incorporation of the candidate's organization, authorized by Apostille;

- affirmed Copy of the articles of the candidate's organization, authorized by Apostille, demonstrating that the individual marking the Power of Attorney has the lawful ability to speak to the organization (if this detail isn't reflected in the concentrate from the Register of Commerce).

Greek Patent Translator

Extra procedural prerequisites

The meaningful assessment technique isn't specified in Greece. Inside four months from the documenting date the candidate should pay Greek Patent Office the recommended recording expenses for the first and second year of security and search report charges. On the off chance that the documenting charges are not paid inside the term of 4 months, the patent application is considered to be removed. In the event that the last pursuit report charges are not paid inside the specified 4-month cutoff time, the patent application in Greece will be consequently changed over into the Utility Model application.

Award and patent support charges

Greek Patent Translator

There is no predetermined time limit for the installment of the award charge - the application stays forthcoming until installment of the award expense. Annuities should be paid every year up to the most recent day of the month relating to the date on which the application was documented. Annuities are expected likewise for forthcoming applications starting with the third year. Installment in collected way is conceivable.

Portrayal by a patent lawyer

Outsiders should play out the patent arraignment in Greece through a specialist, which is the enrolled Greek patent lawyer.

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1. Online Search information bases: Greek Patents, European Patents (EPO).

2. The PCT application in Greece might be nationalized just by means of European course and its further approval in Greece.

3. Innovations may likewise be secured as Utility Models in Greece, which are dependent upon formal assessment as it were. Cycles and innovations in the compound, natural or drug areas are not protectable. Most extreme insurance time of a utility model in Greece is a long time from the date of recording. There is no limit in the quantity of cases to be enlisted as Utility Model in Greece.

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