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The primary Romanian modern property law was the Trademark Law, received by the Parliament in 1879. It was on the event of its reception that the subject of a patent law was likewise raised.

In 1880 the Parliament was introduced the draft of a patent law; said draft was not embraced. The primary Patent Law went into power on January 17, 1906. Romanian patent office, Oficiul de Stat pentru Invenții și Mărci , adress can be found at: OSIM

1. Worldwide shows and settlements sanctioned by Romania

Romania is involved with the accompanying worldwide shows and arrangements in the field of modern property:

Paris Convention (1883) for the Protection of Industrial Property. Romania got to it in 1920 and confirmed all the updated messages.

Show Establishing the World Intellectual Property Organization (1967). Romania sanctioned it in 1968.

"PCT" Patent Cooperation Treaty (1970). Romania sanctioned it in 1979.

Strasbourg Agreement (1971) Concerning the International Patent Classification

2. Different arrangements

After 1990, Romania likewise closed different arrangements which include arrangements identifying with modern property:

Arrangement Concerning the Association of Romania to the European Economic Communities and Interim Agreement among Romania and the European Communities (containing arrangements on modern property).

Concession to Cooperation among Romania and the EFTA nations, endorsed in 1993; it additionally contains arrangements concerning the assurance of modern property.

Marrakech Agreement Establishing the World Trade Organization;

Concurrence on Patent Cooperation between the Romanian Government and the European Patent Organization ( Cooperation Agreement ) went into power in October, 1996.

3. Patent enactment in power

Law no.64 of 1991 on licenses for development;

Government order no. 125/1992 concerning the Implementing Regulations of Law no. 64/1991

Government law no. 41/1998 concerning the expenses in the field of modern property security and the utilization thereof;

Law no. 93 of 1998 on temporary patent security.

4. Distributions

Buletinul Oficial de Proprietate Industriala (BOPI) (Official Industrial Property Bulletin) containing three segments: licenses, marks, plans.

Details of licenses for innovation allowed in Romania.

Revista Româna de Proprietate Industrial (The Romanian Industrial Property Review) involving articles, studies, measurements.



In Romania, the patent for innovation is the sole title of insurance for developments;

The term of the patent is 20 years and starts on the date of the customary public documenting of the application;

Romanian Patent Translation Services (Traducerea Brevetului Românesc)

The privilege to the patent for innovation has a place with the designer or to his replacement in title; on account of the worker innovators, the privilege to a patent has a place either with the creator or to the business, as indicated by Article 5 of the Patent Law;

The meanings of the patentability conditions are fit with the worldwide guidelines in power;

The patent applications are distributed following the 18 – month term from the date of standard public documenting or from the asserted date of need.

The distributed patent applications advantage of temporary insurance until the patent is given.

The assessment of patent applications might be mentioned in greatest 30 months since the date of recording;

The patent is dependent upon public resistance during a six-month term from the distribution of the choice for award.


1. A creation will be patentable on the off chance that it is new, includes an innovative advance and is vulnerable of mechanical application.


A development will be taken to be new in the event that it isn't involved in the cutting edge.

The cutting edge involves all the information that has been made accessible to general society before the date of the guaranteed and perceived need. The best in class for building up curiosity contains the substance of the patent applications as recorded with the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks, having an ordinary date of documenting or a previous need and having gotten public previously or after the date of recording of a resulting application.

The creation isn't considered unveiled if the innovator or his replacement in title uncovered it in a year time frame before the date of recording of the patent application or to the date of the asserted and perceived need.

Romanian Patent Translation Services (Traducerea Brevetului Românesc)

Innovative advance

A development will be made to include a creative stride on the off chance that it isn't clear to an individual gifted in the craftsmanship from that issue involved in the cutting edge.

Mechanical application

A development will be taken to be equipped for modern application if its topic can be utilized in at any rate one field of movement and in the event that it very well may be repeated as frequently as vital while keeping up its qualities.

2. Special cases for patentability

Developments as opposed to public request or ethical quality.

Thoughts, disclosures, logical hypotheses, numerical techniques, programs for PCs fundamentally, monetary or authoritative arrangements, stream diagrams, instructive and preparing strategies, city arranging frameworks, plans and strategies, actual marvels in essence, culinary plans, stylish manifestations (they will not be viewed as developments).

3. Topics of patentable developments: item, measure, strategy.


The idea of item is a conventional one and incorporates:

– machines, device, devices, gadgets, components, machine parts, congregations, establishments, circuits, building components, furniture, family merchandise, toys, instruments and so forth;

– synthetic and organic substances, aside from those which as of now exist in nature and which were not exposed to activities including inventive exertion;

– physical or physical and synthetic blends;

– microorganisms which were made or disengaged by methods for choice including changes;

– plant assortments;

– creature breeds.


Action bringing about making or in adjusting an item (organic or genetical cycles included).


Movement which has aftereffects of a subjective sort ( estimation, investigation, control, finding or human or veterinary clinical treatment )

4. Revelation of development

An innovation will be revealed in the portrayal, drawings and cases in a way which is clear and complete enough just as right from the logical and specialized perspectives for the creation to be performed by an individual gifted in the workmanship without including an imaginative advance.

5. Solidarity of creation

The patent application will identify with one creation in particular or to a gathering of developments which are so connected as to frame a solitary innovative general idea.

Where the application neglects to meet the necessity of solidarity, it could be separated by the candidate or his succesor in title, upon his own drive or upon the solicitation of the patent office, until a choice on the patent application is taken.

Where the candidate has not partitioned the application, said application is distributed in its non-unitary structure.


1. Who may apply for a patent for innovation

Romanian common and lawful people;

Unfamiliar common people having their house in Romania;

Unfamiliar lawful people having their central command in Romania;

Unfamiliar common or legitimate people having their house or business central command outside Romania, inside the system of the global shows on creations where Romania is a gathering ( Paris Convention, PCT ) or inside the structure of shared arrangements.

2. Language of utilization

The patent application and the connected mail will be drawn up and recorded at the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks in Romanian.

3. Classification

Data involved in the patent application will be kept secret until the application is distributed by the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks. Depictions of creations in the field of public protection and state security made on the domain of Romania will be stayed discreet where proclaimed such by the equipped specialists.

Romanian Patent Translator (Traducător Român de Brevet)

4. Portrayal

Where the candidate or his replacement in title is an unfamiliar resident, he might be spoken to simply by an approved mechanical property lawyer (proficient delegate). The rundown of approved mechanical property lawyers entered in the National Register is distributed in the Official Industrial Property Bulletin routinely.

5. Patent application archives

The application will contain:

the recommended type of the solicitation for award (filled in);

a depiction of the development;


drawings, alluded to in the depiction.

6. Date of documenting

The date of customary public recording is that date on which all the previously mentioned archives, drawn up in Romanian, are documented at the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks.

Romanian Patent Translator (Traducător Român de Brevet)

7. Recommended type of solicitation for award

The recommended type of solicitation for award is standard and is made accessible by the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks, for nothing out of pocket. The patent application will be endorsed by the candidate or by his expert agent.

Assignment of the innovator

The patent application will assign the innovator. The assignment will be made on recording or later, inside a fifteen-month time span from documenting or from the asserted need date.

Need asserting

Customary need or show need might be asserted in the patent application.Claimed needs will be demonstrated by need archives documented inside a quarter of a year from the date of the ordinary public recording.

8. Drawing up the patent application records

The necessities to be met by the portrayal, the cases and the drawings are when in doubt like those utilized at worldwide level.

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