Serbian Patent Translation

Serbian Patent Translation

Lingutech Translations Inc. offer Serbian Patent Translation Services to its clients whether the target language is Serbian and the patent should be translated from English into Serbian, French into Serbian or German into Serbian,


The source language is Serbian and the patent should be translated from Serbian into many languages and this services is covered by our team of Serbian Translator, more spesifically Serbian Patent Translator.

Our Team of Serbian Translator will help you on Serbian Legal Translation, including Serbian IP translation.

You may find more information related patent prosecution in Serbia by visiting Serbia Intellectual Property Office.

Here are the Frequently Asked Questions about Patent Application in Serbia.

How are innovations ensured by law?

Developments can be secured by a patent or a petty patent.

A patent or a pettny patent secures an innovation which is new, includes an imaginative advance and is vulnerable of mechanical application.

What sort of insurance is made sure about by a patent/petty patent?

Legitimate assurance acquired by a patent/petty patent implies that the innovation may not be industrially created, utilized, put available or sold without the assent of its proprietor. Along these lines, the proprietor of a patent/frivolous patent is qualified for choose with respect to who could possibly utilize his creation during the period under the insurance. A correct holder may give a permit to different people to utilize his development under conditions that are dependent upon shared arrangement. A correct holder may likewise move his entitlement to a third individual that turns into its new holder. After the expiry of the time of security or upkeep, the insurance will stop to exist and the creation turns into a public decent. That implies that the patent proprietor has not, at this point an elite right to a patent which at that point turns out to be free for business use. (Serbian Patent Translation)

What is the contrast between a patent and a petty patent?

The contrast between a patent and a negligible patent lies in the accompanying:

  • the topic of the insurance: the topic of a development ensured by a patent might be an item, a cycle, utilization of an item and utilization of a cycle. The topic of an innovation secured by an insignificant patent must be an answer identifying with the structure of an item or the format of its segments.
  • the span time frame: the term of patent will be a long time from the documenting date of the application, while the term of frivolous patent will be a long time from the recording date of the application.
  • the award strategy: an insignificant patent application won't be distributed, a hunt report won't be drawn up and the topic of the development asserted in the application will not be analyzed as to curiosity, innovative advance or helplessness to mechanical application (see answer to address no.9).

Notwithstanding, taking everything into account, both a patent and a trivial patent are indistinguishable and secure indistinguishable rights to their proprietor.

How long does the assessment system last?

It requires a couple of months for an insignificant patent to be allowed on the grounds that the application is inspected uniquely regarding meeting formal necessities.

The application method for the award of a patent requires any longer, around quite a while, in view of a considerable assessment continuing.

In any case, from the date of distribution of his application, a candidate secures the rights gave by the application that are like those of a patent, and for the situation that a patent isn't without a doubt, the rights emerging from the application will be considered never to have existed.

What cures can be utilized against the choice of the Office?

The choice of the Intellectual Property Office might be requested with the Government inside 15 days from the receipt of the choice, except if Patent Law gives in any case, and authoritative question procedures might be founded against Governments choice on the allure inside 30 days from the receipt of such choice.

The finish of the Office according to the arrangements of Patent Law may not be claimed, except if Patent Law gives in any case.(Serbian Patent Translation)

What sort of proportions of the insurance are accessible on account of the encroachment of right, until a court choice?

1) Provisional Measures

On a solicitation of the individual who demonstrates sensible likelihood that his privilege emerging from the distributed application or conceded right is or will be encroached, the court may, forthcoming an official choice, articulate the temporary measure. A solicitation for the award of a temporary measure might be recorded before the encroachment activity, given that the encroachment activity is brought inside thirty days from the court choice of the temporary measure and Serbian Patent Translation service is needed in that case.

2) Preservation of Evidence

Upon the solicitation of the individual, who demonstrates sensible likelihood that his privilege emerging from the distributed application or allowed right is being encroached or will be encroached the court may embrace to protect proof (the investigation of premises, records, archives, information bases, just as the capture of resources and the scrutinizing of witnesses and specialists).

3) Precautionary Measures

In line with the individual against whom the encroachment activity has been brought or continuing for temporary measures has been established, the court may arrange fitting money store add up to guarantee remuneration on account of ungrounded solicitation to articulate temporary measures, to be borne by the offended party or the individual who has mentioned the temporary measures.

Does a candidate need to have a patent specialist or a lawyer in the patent conceding methodology?

Homegrown characteristic and legitimate individual doesn't need to, however it is considered incredibly valuable to plan and record an application with the assistance of a patent specialist or lawyer who is expertly speaking to people in this field.

Notwithstanding, unfamiliar common or lawful individual may separately, without agent record an application and perform different activities for the motivations behind the agreement of the documenting date of utilization, additionally get warning by the able expert regarding the notice, or pay expenses and procedural expenses, however in the event that that he designated a delegate for correspondence who has address in the domain of the Republic of Serbia.

Where can a List of Agents be gotten?

You can get it at the Receiving Office or through our connection Registered IP Agents in Serbia.

Does the patent for an innovation have impact in different nations?

No, it doesn't. A patent/frivolous patent is a regional right and the patent/unimportant patent allowed by our Office has an impact in the domain of our nation in particular.

How to ensure an innovation abroad?

The security of the innovation outside the region of the Republic of Serbia can be refined threely:

1) Via National framework

Public System implies straightforwardly documenting a use of an innovation in the nation of wich region the candidate needs to achieved a patent insurance, for the situation that chosen nation is the contracting conditions of one.

2) Via PCT framework

The arrangement of documenting the worldwide application, the supposed PCT framework is endorsed by the Law on Ratification of the Patent Cooperation Treaty, with the Regulations for the execution of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) ("Off. . Journal FRY, International Agreements," no. 3/96) which was actualized in the Patent Law ("Off. Journal of RS" no. 99/11) and Serbian Patent Translation service is needed in that case.

This framework permits the candidate by documenting just a single global application, to demand security in more nations Parties of the PCT contracts (absolute of 144 nations) in which the candidate expects to ensure his creation.

The candidate may document a global application in English to the Intellectual Property Office or straightforwardly to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

For more data about this kind of insurance of the development please allude to the "Directions for documenting a worldwide patent application" that can be acquired gratis at the front counter of the Office or downloaded from the site of the Office.

3) Via the European patent application framework

The European Grant technique, alleged. European application framework, is controlled by the Law on Ratification of the Convention for the Grant of European Patents (European Patent Convention) ("Off. Journal - International Treaties" no. 5/10) which was executed in the Law on Patents ("Off. Journal" no. 99/11).

The candidate may, by documenting an European application to the Intellectual Property Office or straightforwardly to the European Patent Office, require insurance in more part conditions of the European Patent Organization (complete 38 nations), in light of which the European Patent Office leads a solitary technique for the award of a patent, and and Serbian Patent Translation service is needed in that case.

The European application will be submitted in English, French or German.

For more data about this kind of assurance of the development please allude to the guide "How to get an European patent" that can be acquired for nothing out of pocket at the front counter of the Office or downloaded from the site of the Intellectual Property Office.

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