Spanish Patent Translation

Spanish Patent Translation

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The SPTO grants Industrial Designs that give legitimate security to the inventive parts of developments.


A Patent is a title perceiving the selective option to utilize a protected innovation, keeping others from assembling, selling or utilizing it without the patent holder's assent. In return, the Patent uncovers the subtleties of the innovation to the overall population.

The privilege allowed by a Patent isn't such a lot of the option to make, offer available or utilize the object of the Patent, rights that the champion consistently has and can work out, however particularly and interestingly, "the option to reject others" from assembling, utilizing or presenting the licensed item or technique over the span of business movement.

Traduzione di brevetti in spagnolo

The Patent can allude to another cycle, gadget, item or the improvement or headway of any of these.

The span of a Patent is twenty years beginning from the date of the introduction of the application. To keep up the Patent as a result, yearly expenses should be paid whenever it has been conceded.

Law 24/2015 of 24 July on Patents

Spanish Patent Translation


The Utility Model secures innovations of less imaginative nature that those ensured by Patents. They might be, for instance, giving an item a set-up or structure from which some utilization or reasonable favorable position can be acquired.

The gadget, instrument or apparatus ensured by a Utility Model is described by its "utility" and "common sense" and not for its "feel", as occurs in mechanical plan.

Traduzione di brevetti in spagnolo

The extent of security of a Utility Model is like that gave by a Patent.

A Utility Model ensures for a time of a long time from the introduction of the application. A yearly charge should be paid to keep up the right.

Law 24/2015 of 24 July on Patents

European patent

Patent handled by the European Patent Office (EPO) by ethicalness of the European Patent Convention.

The European patent framework makes it conceivable to get patent assurance in all the Convention part nations wanted (38 nations in 2017) utilizing a solitary patent application.

Once truly, the European patent has similar impact in every one of the nations for which it is allowed as a public patent subject to the enactment of the individual nation.

Spanish Patent Translator

The benefit of this European framework is that it makes security of the creation in Europe simpler and less difficult.

The patent application can be submitted to the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office ( or in the Spanish Autonomous Regions (Industrial Property Regional Information Centers). The application can be documented on paper or electronically.

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While the European patent application can be submitted in Spanish, interpretation to one of the authority dialects of the Convention (English, French or German) is needed to proceed with the cycle.

For additional data: European Patent Office.

Spanish Patent Translator

Patent application, handled as per the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), that empowers security for an innovation to be applied for at the same time in countless nations (152 nations in 2017) through the accommodation of an "worldwide" patent application.

Traduzione di brevetti in spagnolo

The benefit of the PCT method is that it makes it simpler to handle applications when security is looked for in different nations, with a solitary application delivering similar impacts as though the application had been submitted in every one of the nations that structure part of the Treaty.

Traduttore di brevetti spagnolo

Another preferred position is that Spanish is one of the authority dialects so the whole technique can be completed in Spanish.

Clarify that this isn't a technique for giving licenses as this is finished by every single one of the nations chose. It is a framework which normalizes handling before the conceding of licenses.

Traduzione di brevetti in spagnolo

The SPTO goes about as:

Accepting office for worldwide PCT applications from candidates who are Spanish or are occupant in Spain. Applications can be recorded on paper or electronically (

Worldwide Search Administration for Spanish candidates and those from Latin American nations.

Worldwide Preliminary Examination Administration for Spanish candidates and those from Latin American nations.

For additional data: International PCT Applications

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