Turkish Patent Translation

Turkish Patent Translation

Lingutech's Turkish Patent Translator team will help you on Turkish Legal Translation Services, including Turkish Patent Translation and Turkish IP Translation.

Our team of Turkish Translator will help you on Turkish Translation, including Turkish Legal Translation and Turkish IP Translation services.

Turkish Patents can be filed under 3 different options: National Filing (Turkish Patent Application), European Patent Validations (EPO Turkish Patent Translation or EPO Turkey Patent) and WIPO.

Lingutech offers you Turkish Patent Translation either your EPO Turkish patent translation needs or Turkey national filing needs.

If an invention is to be protected in more than one country, it is a treaty made by member countries in order to facilitate and make it economical. The application date of the patent application made within the scope of this agreement may be valid for 151 member countries as a result of taking the next steps. After the application has been published by WIPO, the applicant will have the right to apply to each of the member states within 30 months from the initial application date (priority date, if any) (PCT national phase). Thus, since the applicant will not have to prepare a research report separately in each country and even a review report if he wishes, it will save a great deal of economy. Here is an important point; Making a PCT application does not mean obtaining a patent right in every country, but means gaining the right to apply to these countries. In other words, within 30 months of the PCT application (priority date, if any), individual applications must be made to each desired country (or union, eg EPO).

Turkish Patent Translation

The application, which will enter the national stage according to the Patent Cooperation Treaty, is submitted to the Authority after the priority date of the international application, within thirty months from the international application date, if there is no priority, and with the information that the fee specified in the Communiqué has been paid. If the application is not submitted to the Institute within thirty months, a period of three months is granted in addition to this period. For applications made within this additional period, the additional fee specified in the Communiqué is paid together with the application fee. If the application is not submitted to the Authority in three months in addition to the thirty-month period, according to the Regulation on the Patent Cooperation Treaty;

• Submitting the application to the Institution within the period specified below, whichever ends first.

> Twelve-month period from the end of the thirty-month period from the date of application or priority, or.

> Two months from the date the reason for non-compliance with the thirty-month period is remedied.

• Stating the reasons for non-compliance and filing a statement or other evidence to support the reasons.

• The application fee and the related additional fee specified in the notification must be paid.

Turkish Patent Translator

The annual fees for the previous years of the applications entering the national stage through the Patent Cooperation Treaty are paid additionally with the application on the date of entering the national stage. Annual fees for previous years, which are not paid on the date of entering the national stage, are paid within six months from the date of entering the national stage together with the additional fees specified in the Communiqué.

Annual fees are paid on the basis of the amounts specified in the Communiqué valid on the date of payment.

Where Can PCT International Application Be Made?

• To the National Office as Admissions Office - TÜRKPATENT

• To the International Bureau - WIPO

• Direct EPO for EPO member states citizens

There are two methods to apply for a PCT.

1) Online application can be made by selecting the TÜRKPATENT admissions office through the ePCT-Filing system.

Detailed information for e-PCT

You can access it at:


To access the e-PCT service, an account must be created through the WIPO Account Service. Link of WIPO to create an E-PCT user account:


2) Application can be made to TürkPatent in paper form with the forms and description. Forms to be submitted to TürkPatent:

PCT Admissions Office Application Form


PCT/ RO/101 International application petition:


International Patent Application Support Form (This form must be filled if TUBITAK incentive is desired):


PCT application fees:



It allows obtaining patents in EPC member countries with a single application. The patent applicant decides which countries the European patent will cover. It is a way of obtaining patent protection in a shorter time and at a lower cost in European countries. The Turkish translation of the European patent fascicle containing the description, patent requests and technical drawings, if any, is submitted to the Authority by the European patent holder or attorney within 3 months from the date the European patent fascicle is announced. Each European patent goes through a detailed examination and can be protected in the member states. It provides protection for 20 years from the date of application.

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Turkish European Patent Applications

Where to do it:

• European Patent Office,

• Turkish Patent and Trademark Office or; It is made to the national offices of the countries with the EPC member admissions office.

European Patent (EP) Admissions Office Application Form:


European Patent Application Letter:


For detailed information about EPC:


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